Bishop Steve Jecko

From Kendall Harmon reporting on Bishop Steve Jecko: His cancer apparently progressed rapidly, and the Lord took him home peacefully. More details will be forthcoming later from appropriate sources. Funeral arrangements are pending.

UPDATE: The AAC has info on the funeral arrangements here

BB NOTE: This has been a sorrowful week, with the loss of two visionary leaders of the church – different visions yes, but both willing to be clear where they stood when others remained in the shadows. Bishop James Kelsey, Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Michigan, was killed in a head-on car crash returning from a church visitation on Sunday and Bishop Steve Jecko, Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Dallas and retired Bishop of Florida died suddenly today. Many – including progressives and the orthodox – are grieving deeply right now and perhaps in our grief, at least for a little while, we may comfort each other.