Bishop David Bena Confirms nearly 80 at The Falls Church on Trinity Sunday

FAIRFAX, Va. (June 4, 2007) – This weekend the Anglican District of Virginia (ADV) celebrated the confirmation of nearly 80 parishioners at The Falls Church in Falls Church, Virginia. Suffragan Bishop David Bena of the Convocation of Anglicans in North America (CANA) confirmed the candidates who publicly affirmed their faith and recommitted themselves to the responsibilities of their baptism. Bishop Bena also reaffirmed numerous parishioners who wished to renew their Christian commitment.

According to Bishop Bena, “It is a great joy and an honor to have the opportunity to confirm so many faithful believers as orthodox Anglicans who are committed to moving forward with the worldwide Anglican Communion while remaining steadfast in their faith. The confirmation of these parishioners who ratified their commitment to Christian service and witness underscores the continued growth – both spiritually and in numbers – of The Falls Church and the entire Anglican District of Virginia.”

From the Anglican District of Virginia.