Lambeth Invites

We are thinking this morning that we are having a media war underway with TEC and the Anglican Communion office (click on headline above for more info). Notice that Ruth Gledhill is reporting that everyone is coming to Lambeth (“Let’s put on a show!” shouts Mickey Rooney). We see this as bate (sorry about the pun, Stephen). The next step is for the orthodox to pop their corks – that the progressives can say “look how schismatic those orthodox are, so non-inclusive, so blue meanieish, yada, yada, yada.” Jim Rosenthal (who is not a Lambeth Palace spokesman, by the way – he works for a different “instrument of unity” – the one most closely aligned with TEC) does not issue the invites to Lambeth. Advice from the Union Station Starbucks this morning: keep watch and keep your powder dry.