Stand Up

We’re up here at Shrine Mont in Orkney Springs, VA for the annual Truro retreat. We have nearly 530 of the Truro family up here and tonight we’re here in the Hotel checking in. It’s been quite a weekend so far, excellent teaching, exuberant worship, lots of fun and laughter, opportunities for prayer and encouraging one another. Our speaker is the Rev. Tom Herrick, Church Planter with the Anglican Communion Network and his talks have been terrific – sharing of his own journey and encouraging us in ours. It’s so wonderful to be back at Shrine Mont. I’ve been coming up here every year since 1984.

The weather has been spectacular – summer-like. Tonight the place is filled, just overflowing, with the sounds of children – running and playing and laughing. Life in abundance! For 90 folks this year it’s their very first Shrine Mont retreat. Excitement fills the air. Sunday will be here soon.
Joshua 7:10