We’re off this morning for the celebration at Hylton Chapel. But we are musing over the topic of yesterday’s news. We saw the Archbishop, the Most Rev. Dr. Peter Akinola yesterday and he had not received any correspondence from the Archbishop of Canterbury. We also saw that it was Jim Rosenthall who was quoted as a Lambeth spokesman. That’s not true – Jonathan Jennings is the Archbishop of Canterbury’s spokesman, not Jim Rosenthal. Jim Rosthental works for the Anglican Communion office (otherwise known as the ACC) which is headed by Kenneth Kearon. Those are two different “instruments of unity.” They are not the same thing and we know that the ACC is the closest instrument to 815. In fact, close observers know that Rosenthal works with alongside our friends at 815 (we remember seeing Jim Rosenthal and Jim Naughton – and Stephen Bates too – slumming about the National Cathedral together last November). No one has heard from Mr. Jennings and if this letter was so important, why was it delayed until the Archbishop of Nigeria was all ready here? Sure looks like a publicity stunt from our other friends at the ACC. Not exactly early birds are they – and that was either a major screw-up from the Anglican Communion office or Rowan Williams is not as upset as Jim Rosenthal would like him to be. What do you think?