On the Corner of Connecticut and R

From Starbucks on the corner of Connecticut & R N.W.

We’re trying out a different Starbucks today. Like many major cities in the world, there is a Starbucks almost on every corner in this part of the city. We thought – since the weather was so good – that we’d venture just a bit further up Connecticut. It’s amazing what a couple of blocks will do either way. If I leave my office and walk down Connecticut just a block or two we are in the spill-over of the K Street Corridor. Heading up this way is an entire different group and virtually no hint of the K Street Corridor at all. I’m not sure who al these people are – Tourists? Students? Stray Protestors? Scientoligists? (their HQ is just just across the street from here in a spooky brick fortress near Cosi’s). There are businessmen every where – but they look decidedly different from the K Street Lobbyists that stalk about Connecticut and K. Wow, there’s a guy looking like Jerry Garcia and he’s carrying on quite a conversation with himself. Oh, wait, he’s got a bluetooth thingy in his ear. There is always a thin line between the K Street Lobbyists and the Street People. The crossroads is the fountain at Dupont Circle. One never knows what some of these Street People were doing six months ago.

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