The Ministry of Magic

Well, here it is – our first official glimpse of the infamous “Ministry of Magic,” the interiors of which we first see in Book V – Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix (okay, we are talking about Harry Potter here – at some point we are going to have a senior-moment where Bob Dylan is suddenly going to show up as a character in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows – we have wondered if he is actually not a Muggle after all – and in Chapter 13 we see that he is actually Stubby Boardman of the Hobgoblins on a mission to find Harry Potter by searching for him inside London’s St. Martin-in-the Fields Anglican Church during a U2 Eucharist when he finds a stray guitar and hits Lord Voldemort over the head with it before being expelliarmus-ed through the air and out the church windows with a crash and landing up the hill on Charing Cross Road just as Captain James T. Kirk beams onto the street and asks Dylan (aka Stubby Boardman) – who is busy stumbling toward the Leaky Cauldron for a drink – if it’s true he still needs a new Tour Bus Driver since the tambourine player quit, and oh but never mind) …

In fact, this is an “inside-view” of the Ministry of Magic (and no sign of Dylan or Captian Kirk). As one who use to troll through the underground passages of the US Capital in our “Hill Rat” days – we do wonder if the Ministry of Magic also has a statue like this one – known affectionately as Three Ladies in a Bathtub?

Click on the image above to take a closer look at the center of the wizarding world government in London. We do wonder, is there an American version in Washington DC and that’s why the Metro Red Line acts funny sometimes?