If a picture paints a thousand words …

“TEC: Don’t sue me!” The Nephew, aged 10, saw that we were rather sad today to hear all the speculation coming out of the House of Bishops and of Bishop Sauls and David Booth Beers rumored scheme to turn The Episcopal Church into the latest episode of The Sopranos (Tony, call your office). TinFoilHats are a must these days, or so it seems. All this talk of weird conspiracy plots afoot is starting to sound like the TEC Bishops have left their Ivory Tower for the Grassy Knoll. They seem to even relish basking in the latest conspiracy theories that we are now thinking they might want to just save time and hold their September House of Bishops Meeting inside Area 51.

So the Nephew, with crayons and pipecleaners in hand, took it on himself to create something special to help make the message loud and clear to those in the House of Bishops (who are supposed to take the high road as beacons of Christ’s love to a brokenhearted world and as guardians of His Word as a light to the nations – and not serve volunteer lay people with lawsuits and rumblings of rumors to do even worse, but oh well) – and that he did.

Truly his picture (see above) says what a thousand words could not say. Even The Beloved Cat makes it in.

Notice he has the sun shining through the clouds – there is always hope. Thanks, Johnny – you are the best. I love you too.