Flash Back

“It would sadden me greatly if there was a real break in the Anglican communion, because we are members one of another and share a common baptism. All of us would be diminished if any part of the communion was expelled.”

Frank Griswold, 2006
Retired TEC Presiding Bishop

So much for being independent (how can we be expelled from something we are independent of?). Notice the wording about “common baptism.” That means we are all baptized into the same Church (our common baptism is “Anglican” – remember all the fuss about baptismal convenants – well, this is the common baptism as Anglicans and TEC is changing the meaning of that baptism – that’s at the heart of the current crisis and division, make no mistake about it). One is then diminished when expelled from the whole. TEC is not the whole Kahuna.

“We are members one of another and share a common baptism,” Bishop Griswold said to the Guardian last year before the lawyers got a hold of him and told him to shush.