Breaking: BabyBlue Joins Bob Dylan’s Band

Fairfax, VA (April 1, 2007)—After months of speculation, it was revealed today that BabyBlue had joined Bob Dylan’s band. Sources close to the legendary musician’s management confirmed that “BabyBlue” had indeed joined Bob Dylan’s backup band as a tambourine player.

“Bob’s been needing a good tambourine player for quite a while,” said Marcus Maxwell, an associate with Jack Frost Productions located at the Abernathy Building. “When we saw her audition it was clear she was the one. She sure can hit that tambourine.”

Rumors persist that BabyBlue’s tambourine performances will be featured on Dylan’s next album. “It is indeed possible, she sure can hit that tambourine,” Maxwell said.

Friends confirm that she has indeed left for Europe to travel with Bob Dylan’s band. “She said to us ‘hey, when you’ve been sued by The Episcopal Church what else can you do but join a rock and roll band?'” one friend said after Palm Sunday services this morning in Fairfax. Another friend agreed. “She said it was her life-long dream to be a tambourine player and go on the road.”

Efforts to reach BabyBlue were unsuccessful, as the tour is now in Europe. But a source close to BabyBlue confirmed that she started up the tambourine after the recent House of Bishops meeting. “Yeah, she sure picked it up fast,” Maxwell confirmed. “She said that each time another Episcopal Bishop wrote another reflection on the House of Bishops meeting in Texas, she’d hit that thing. She got quite good after a while, I guess, so Bob hired her.”