Dylanologists Take Note: He’s Back on the Guitar – finally!

In the world of YouTube, Dylan fans are recording pieces of his concerts and putting them up on YouTube, almost in real time. This is just small bit from his concert in Stockholm where he surprises everyone and returns to the guitar after years of stepping back behind the electric organ. It’s almost like he’s been hiding in the shadows and is now ready to return to center stage. When I saw him for the very first time he was shoved over in the corner, back stage right and never looked at the audience, just at the band and one got the feeling the audience was evesdropping on a band rehearsal. Oops. The next time he had switched sides and moved his electric piano a little closer, but now on back stage left. That time he did steal glances into the audience and had started to dance more from behind the keyboards. He’s come out to a mic at center stage to do the harmonica-thing, but never really looked out. Still had the Oscar taped to his amp, though.

Late last year was the most animated and fun I’d ever seen him – and I’m still rather new at this. At George Mason he appeared to be really having fun and enjoying himself and did look out into the crowd and respond to what he was seeing. It was an entirely different experience. Got to see the Oscar again.

But here he is in this very short clip taken just this past Tuesday night in Stockholm, back to his old place at the real center stage and back on the guitar. Yeah.

NOTE: If you click on the headline above, you can see part of “All Along the Watchtower” from last night with Dylan on the electric organ. Cool arrangement, slightly sea sick though – but hey, it was last night in Sweden!

FYI – the photo above was taken Tuesday night.