On the way home

We are on the way home – stopped here at Starbucks for a chai and to check in. We’ve had no cell phone coverage and no internet for two days – two days! We haven’t even heard a radio and the first television we saw was at lunch because March Madness was on for the staff. It was a great weekend away – full of great friends, a delightful location, a cabin with a large wood burning fireplace, snow, great food, great worship and a sense of being renewed and refreshed.

Well, now we know that it can be done – we can be with the laptop or internet access or even the cell phone and the world does not explode. Whew – that’s a relief.

Here’s a photo of where we were staying. The photo above was taken this afternoon just before we departed from home. There are more photos to come – and perhaps a BabyBlue VideoCast (we haven’t done one in a while) from on site (no internet, no phone, no TV, no radio – but there was electricity (but no hot water!).

Glad to see that no furniture was tossed or plates smashed while we were away. Hope the chai was hot and the butterbeer fresh. Thanks, Karen, for letting people know what where the butterbeer comes from. We do have our connections.

LATER: More photos!