Breaking News – 815 files more lawsuits against all the "Virginia churches" just days before Primates Meeting in Tanzania

Katharine Jefferts Schori and the folks at 815 (based in their lovely offices in Manhattan), filed more lawsuits yesterday here in Virginia against all the parishes (their clergy, vestries, and trustees) that followed the Diocese of Virginia’s Protocol for Departing Churches. So along with Bishop Lee and the Diocese of Virginia, now 815 (TEC) has sued everybody as well. That’s a nice thing to do before getting on the plane for Tanzania.

Told my brother, the Methodist, that the diocese and the national church are suing lay volunteers and he wondered, “what kind of church is that?”

By the way – just for the record – we here at BabyBlue have no problem with a woman being a bishop if she is called by the Lord to do that – which would include believing He is the Lord. This conflict has nothing to do with women’s ordination – in fact, Bishop Lee inhibited the interim vicar of one of the Virginia churches – an ordained woman. She got a letter just like all the others. Now that’s equality.

But as we think about the Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church going over to Tanzania to share the love, knowing that she’s just sued all these volunteer lay people in Virginia (and of course, all the primates knowing what she’s done as well), perhaps the best thing to do now is to take a deep breath and pray.